Hey folks, I’m pretty excited to announce that JargaPix offers you another way to receive your High resolution images from your event. Up until now you have been able to download your images directly from your proofing gallery. However, some events have more images than others and that requires a lot of bandwidth on your end or time to download your files. Enter a new product to make the acquisition of your images simpler and sexier.

Check out the new Custom USB Box and Drives which you have the option of ordering to house your images. Each box and drive comes personalized with images and text. You can choose to keep your images there forever or transfer the images to another location and reuse the drive for personal use. You can also choose to purchase blank drives and give them as gifts to friends or family. Do not fret as the download option will still be available.

I think this is pretty awesome. What do you think?

Jose and Joyce’s wedding was a blast! I should have known it would be from the E-Sessions we had in Hoboken. They are both very talented musicians who play in NYC & NJ and have a great attitude towards life. The rainy day didn’t stop the full band from heating the party up.

I wanna thank Michael Ramos for being my 2nd photog that day.

Enjoy some images from their awesome evening.

I had the pleasure of working with Jesse Scaturro Media as The Mexico Tourism Board  launched its new “Live It to Believe It” campaign at the New York Museum of Natural History.

Enjoy some images from the event.

Robin Thicke celebrated his 36th birthday at Marquee in NYC and I had the honor of being there to capture images of the event for Remy Martin. It was a very cool private event for some lucky guests as they got to sip on Remy Martin and have a 3 song private show by Robin Thicke. Bridget Kelly gave him a very soulful rendition of Happy Birthday.

I want to give thanks to my buddy Cliff Cooper who shot with me this night.

Enjoy the images.

Sep 14, 2013
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There’s not much more exciting then stepping out of the Port Authority in NYC on the evening of a concert. There’s always a buzz going around in Times Square but when you’re going to see a concert it’s more apparent, at least for the group your with. Walking up 42nd street I passed an eclectic array of people. Wide eyed tourists taking in the sounds and sights, young urban kids hanging out laughing or heading to the movies, NYC residents trying to get home through the crowds, street vendors trying to coax the tourists to sit for a portrait or take a tour, police personel keeping a keen watch over the scene. I waded through the crowds until I finally came across a group of middle aged folks wearing jeans, band shirts and smoking butts while talking about rock ‘n roll, heavy metal bands and concerts. I knew I was where I needed to be.

I’m at B.B. Kings on a late summer Friday night to Photograph Saxon and write a review of the show. It’s a different venue in that it’s a restaurant that turns into a concert venue. Great for Jazz and Blues but a full blown British Metal band? We are about to find out. When I reach the front stage  I notice that their is no photo pit. I speak to a sound tech on the side of the stage and sure enough there’s no pit to provide cover for me or my gear. I head over to the center stage sound board and speak with a cool bloke named Ben who was the soundtech for Fozzy, the opening act. He let me hang next to him in the enclosed area with a clear view of the stage and a great place to hear the show. Thanks again Ben for the hookup!

More on the review later, how about some images?

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