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Fall is such an awesome season. The cooler weather, the color of the foliage is all made more awesome when you have a cool family to photograph. I had a great time working with Tony and his family.

Enjoy some images from the Dimogerodakis family session.

Hey folks, I’m pretty excited to announce that JargaPix offers you another way to receive your High resolution images from your event. Up until now you have been able to download your images directly from your proofing gallery. However, some events have more images than others and that requires a lot of bandwidth on your end or time to download your files. Enter a new product to make the acquisition of your images simpler and sexier.

Check out the new Custom USB Box and Drives which you have the option of ordering to house your images. Each box and drive comes personalized with images and text. You can choose to keep your images there forever or transfer the images to another location and reuse the drive for personal use. You can also choose to purchase blank drives and give them as gifts to friends or family. Do not fret as the download option will still be available.

I think this is pretty awesome. What do you think?

Matt & Deidra’s families were so much fun to be around. We met up on Sinatra Drive in Hoboken and just followed Valentina’s lead. There was a lot of laughing and Disney Princess songs being sung. Yes, I knew the lyrics to all of them and may have joined in a song or two…very quietly as all the women are seasoned singers…yes, Matt too.

Enjoy the images.

This is a question I get often during the year. The answer is, Yes, I do! I really like Sweet 16s, except for when I realize that my daughter, who is 4 as I write this, will one day be the girl wearing the poofy dress and dancing with…me. I go home and hug her tightly and remind her that she’ll never stop being a little girl to ome. For that reason, I find it an honor to be chosen to capture this special moment in a family’s life. It’s a big responsibility and one I don’t take lightly.

Here is a brief slideshow of some Sweet 16 & Quinceañeras I have had the privilege to cover.