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Here’s a preview image of Jenna & Eric’s wedding. Stay tuned for a full blog post this week.

NJ Wedding @ Empire Club

I’m excited to share some images of Katherine & Chris’s wedding day. They are a very down to earth couple with fun personalities. Katherine’s smile and fun attitude shone all day and gave competition to our friend Mr. Sun. It was quite a hot, sweaty day and she didn’t complain at all. Chris had his swagger on all day and night. The bridal party was also great and we had some fun at Deep Cut Gardens for portraits. The newly renovated Gramercy Room at the Lakeside Manor is a great looking venue and the staff was very accommodating. I’d def check them out for your event. I’d like to give thanks to Michael Ramos for being my 2nd shooter that day and Jason Langley for being an awesome Caddy.

Enjoy the images.



Wedding Gown: Castle Couture. Casablanca


Cake Designer: Lindsay Palumbo (

Venue: The Gramercy at Lakeside Manor 

2nd Shooter Coverage: Michael Ramos

Caddy: Jason Langley

Deep Cut Gardens, NJ Wedding

As a photographer, it’s sometimes an little known fact that you need a great support system around you to make magic happen. That can include but not limited to your spouse, assistant, studio manager, editor/retoucher, album designer, accountant…you get the idea. However, some of you may not know that the best support a photog can get is from other photographers. Colleagues can push you to be better, pull you back to reality if you get full of yourself and even help you get gigs. I’m pretty luck to have found a great group of photogs to help me with weddings and vice versa. As an example, last week I had the pleasure of second shooting for the wonderful and talented Mrs. Karin Belgrave, make sure to check out her work! The wedding was winding down when Troy approached us to tell us that he was proposing the next day to his girlfriend Breezy and thought it would be a great idea to capture the moment. Now this is pretty awesome because most people figure a cell phone is good enough. Troy realized that he needed a pro. Good job Troy! Unfortunately, Karin couldn’t cover the proposal because she was flying out to shoot a big time commercial gig, did I mention she was talented? Without missing a beat Karin asked if I were free and to go ahead and document that special moment. When I was first starting out in the biz, this kind of act was never offered to me. In my experience Photogs wouldn’t go out of there way to help out a client let alone a fellow photog. Anyway, thank to Karin and her unselfish nature, Troy and Breezy had their moment captured forever.

Here’s the brief backstory as I know you want to get to the images. Troy and Breezy had purchased a home and were ready to move in but Troy hadn’t popped the question yet. He was waiting for the perfect moment. The closing of the house contract was it. He let me into their new home in which he had created a montage of their life together and asked for her hand in marriage. It was a pretty cool moment. Enjoy.

Check out a preview of Troy’s surprise proposal to Breezy. Stay tuned for a full blog post to follow soon.